AlphaBloc® - 1m Foldable Traffic Separator - Blue

Brand: JSP
Model #: KBV030-000-500
Standards: 5038428210294

Price : $78.22
A-Game Stability And Storage

The uniquely foldable AlphaBloc® space saving traffic separator barrier system has been developed as a convenient alternative to the conventional style of water filled seperators, allowing increased quantities on a pallet at less stacking height.

Small But Mighty
• Can hold 1 tonne in weight! - The A frame design does not compromise this barriers strength!

Storage and Distribution
• Increased pallet quantity at a total of 40, which reduces storage capacity and aids distribution.
• Design enables a contractor to half the cost of storage and transport, reducing their carbon footprint.

Unique Folding Design
• Blow moulded HDPE blocs with strong durable hinge system and carry handle.
• 1 meter long x 600mm high x 400mm deep.

Increased Stability
• Water fillable to increase ballast/weight for added stability.

Corporate Branding
• Large 180mm x 110mm plate area enables contractor details to be embossed and highlighted, whilst also acting as a pilferage deterrent.

• Acute angled bloc design allows for multiple configurations on both flat and uneven surfaces.