Basic Working at Height Course

Brand: JSP
Model #: HST01

Price: $198.94


The skills covered in this course are crucial competencies for anyone carrying out work at height within their role. Course content highlights the importance of adherence to correct practices, to ensure proper care and attention are given to lifesaving skills and knowledge, providing an ideal introduction to work at height and height safety.

Suitable for users new to working at height or as a refresher course for those with prior experience, the course provides an overview of a range of life-saving equipment. This course is designed to enable users to select the correct harnesses and lanyards for specific tasks. Training is mainly classroom-based with practical experience fitting and removing harnesses & lanyards.


• Introduction to harness awareness
• Selecting the correct PPE for the job
• Hierarchy of work at height
• Different harness uses: fall arrest / restraint
• Pre-use check
• Inspection
• Correct fitting of PPE
• Evaluation


The Basic Work at Height course is recommended for anyone who may be required to control or make use of fall protection systems. This course is ideal for anyone whose job requires work at height and use of height safety equipment.

Users are not required to bring equipment; all harnesses and lanyards will be provided. No formal qualifications or experience are necessary, meaning the course is suitable for those new to working at height and as a refresher course for the more experienced.


Entry Requirements: Minimum age 18. Must be fluent in English language.
Duration: 0.5 Day
Instructor Ratio: 1:12
Course Code: HST01
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: JSP Ltd Height Safety
Validity Period: 3 years