Confined Space Tripod

Brand: JSP
Model #: FAR1003

Price: $774.72
Confined Space Tripod

The Work At Height Regulations 2005 state that if exposed to a risk of a fall then a rescue plan needs to be implemented. JSP® have a range of devices to aid you in this. Whether you need raising, lowering or both in a rescue, we have a device that suits, including products for confined space entry and rescue.

Features & Benefits

• Suitable for use on un-even surfaces.
• Height: 1,15 to 2,15 m.
• Footprint: 0,80 m to 1,50 m.
• Weight: 13 kg.
• A pulley system provided for steel cable guiding in case a winch is used.
• Securely connected two eyebolts to be used for connection to PPE.
• Adjustment achieved by sliding telescopic legs (Inner & Outer).
• Load capacity 500 kg.
• Conforms to EN795:2012 type B.