Confined Space Winch

Brand: JSP
Model #: FAR1004

Price: $699.82

Confined Space Winch

The Work At Height Regulations 2005 state that if exposed to a risk of a fall then a rescue plan needs to be implemented. JSP® have a range of devices to aid you in this. Whether you need raising, lowering or both in a rescue, we have a device that suits, including products for confined space entry and rescue.

Features & Benefits

• Integral breaking system.
• Length Max. 20 m
• Mounting plate having four bolts for mounting to tripod leg or other support.
• Not to be used for fall arrest.
• Galvanized steel cable of diameter 4.8mm.
• Equipped with steel screw locking connector, gate opening 18 mm, conforms to EN362:2004 class B & M
• Handle rotating mechanism for lifting or lowering.
• Rated load capacity 135 kg.
• Weight 9 kg.
• Tested as per EN1496:2017 Class A.