Inspection of Fall PPE Course

Brand: JSP
Model #: HST03

Price: $56.40


The Inspection of PFPE training course covers how to inspect and assess the condition of equipment as required by the relevant legislation. This course provides training on the inspection and care required for the proper use and maintenance of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE), providing detailed information on criteria for inspection of product condition and markings, as well as the necessary recordkeeping. Following completion, attendees will be able to carry out thorough inspection of equipment and maintain records for traceability.

Course attendees will learn requirements for obsolescence, care and maintenance for a range of equipment including specific inspection criteria for each type of product. Training highlights the different requirements for metal and textile components, reinforcing the need for adequate documentation and level of recordkeeping required to satisfy the regulations. This course aims to enable candidates to confidently carry out thorough examinations of equipment and keep traceable records compliant with LOLER, EN 365 and Working at Height Regulations.


Requirements for height safety equipment for restraint, work positioning and fall arrest:
• Considerations for safe use
• Legislation and the need for inspection
• Compatibility of system components
• Storage, cleaning and maintenance
• Pre-use checks required

Practical skills include:
• Understanding critical defects
• Methods of inspection for textile and metal items
• Methods of recording
• Carrying out inspections in line with BS 8437


This course is ideal for employers, managers, and operatives. Also useful for others with health and safety obligations - such as building owners who have a duty of care to ensure that suitable and safe personal fall protection equipment is provided, used, and maintained.

Duration: 1 Day
Entry Requirements: Minimum age 18. Must be fluent in English language.
Instructor Ratio: 1:6
Course Code: HST03
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: JSP Ltd Height Safety
Validity Period: 3 years