Rescue from Height Course

Brand: JSP
Model #: HST05

Price: $198.94


Work at height is one of the main cause of workplace fatalities, making it imperative that employers and all duty holders ensure that work is planned, supervised, and carried out safely. An essential part of the planning process is preparing for emergencies and rescue in the event of a fall. It is important to remember that rescue is the responsibility of the employer/building owner and NOT the emergency services.


• The hierarchy of control when carrying out work at height (WAH legislation)
• How a rescue kit works
• Harness pre-use check and wearing
• Using a rescue kit at ground level
• Simulated rescue of dummy or personnel
• Rescue from fall arrest lanyards
• Casualty care & suspension trauma

This course builds up experience and knowledge on rescue kits and covers how to complete a rescue whilst working at height. To achieve certification, the candidate must complete the entire course and demonstrate to the trainer complete confidence while carrying out a rescue. The course will involve elements of classroom and practical tuition. Emphasis will, at all times, be on practical rescues under the safe supervision of an instructor.
The Rescue from Height Course is essential for all those responsible for the health and safety of employees carrying out work at height. This specialist course provides candidates with an understanding of why rescue procedures are needed, and how to plan for and successfully complete a rescue, whilst also covering more general information relating to working at height. This course is ideal for employers, managers, operatives and others with health and safety obligations such as building owners who have a duty of care to those working on their premises.


Duration: 1 Day
Entry Requirements: Minimum age 18. Must be fluent in English language. Must be harness trained or hold Basic Work at Height certificate.
Instructor Ratio: 1:6
Course Code: HST05
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: JSP Ltd Height Safety
Validity Period: 3 years