Surefoot™ Anti-trip Barrier Foot - Black

Brand: JSP
Model #: KEW000-001-100
Standards: 5038428202312

Price : $0.00
Surefoot™ Anti-trip - Strong, quality one piece anti-trip barrier foot.
High density anti-trip feet for your JSP barrier. These anti-trip feet from JSP are scalloped in design to help prevent pedestrian and worker accidents. The Surefoot™ Anti-trip is made as one piece meaning that it is one of the strongest anti-trip foot options on the market, unlike other brands which can be made from multiple parts which can compromise on strength.

Features & Benefits

• Anti-trip - Reduce chance of accident by implementing anti-trip feet in high traffic areas such as pavements.

• Strong - high density one piece foot greatly reducing replacement feet.

• Cost effective - Without need to replace barrier feet you greatly increase the cost effectiveness of your barriers.

• Brand it - Increase ownership and corporate identity by colouring your Surefoot™ (Contact us for details)