Malta Dynamics Warthog Pass Thru Safety Harness Fall Protection Kit with 6' Single Leg Stretch Lanyard

Brand: Malta Dynamics
Model #: C5104-B2000
Standards: Meet ANSI Z359.13-13, ANSI A10.32-12

Price : $109.99


The Malta Dynamics Warthog Pass-Thru Safety Harness Fall Protection Kit with 6′ Single Leg Stretch Lanyard Safety Harness Kit includes everything you need for each person on your Jobsite to tie off safely to existing anchorage. This bag kit includes a full-body harness, a shock-absorbing lanyard, and a D-Ring Extender. The convenient duffel bag is perfect for storage and transportation.
All Components meet ANSI Z359.13-13, ANSI A10.32-12, OSHA 1926 Subpart M, and OSHA 1910. offers an excellent selection of durable safety harnesses and safety accessories to keep you secure on your next job. Our team has decades of industry experience and is ready to serve you. 


  • Safety Harness Kit Ready to Go in a Carry Bag
  • Full body harness
  • Shock Absorbing Lanyard
  • 18″ D-Ring Extender