Our Mission

“To provide safe and reliable supply of the best quality Personal Protective products on the market, while aspiring to enhance the quality of life for families and personnel for generations to come.”

Our Culture

Flexrasafety.com is a safety equipment supply company that sells industrial safety supplies, equipment, and tools. We’re a team of great people with integrity and passion for what we do. We've worked hard to foster a unique company culture built on transparency, collaboration, and innovation. We pride ourselves on building diverse and inclusive teams that allow our employees to bring their authentic selves to work and encourage self-innovation. We've built this culture not just because it works for our team members, but because it helps us provide the ultimate customer experience to everyone who shops at Flexra.

Our Story

Flexra Safety was founded in 2014 by an American female advocate and medical professional. Inspired by the medical industry, the opportunity was presented to take an accepted risk, and build a trusted health and safety supply business from the ground up.

In 2017, we officially became solely female-owned and operated, reflecting our passion for female leadership. Over the next few years, we continued to expand, growing and investing in the business with a much bigger team and a greater selection of products. By 2019, we had reached a major milestone – certified within the ‘WBENC’ adding a small addition to female creativity within the industry.

Our focus is on supporting clients with distribution and supply of premium PPE, specifically targeting the Nuclear, Oil, and Gas industries.