PIP® Banded Ear Plugs - NRR 24 (1 Box = 10 Bands)

Model #: 267-HPB410
Standards: ANSI standard S3.19-1974

Price : $52.80 $61.25




Co-Injected TPR reduces pressure on the ear canal. Allowing a more comfortable fit/longer wear. Lightweight & Portable. The curved design keeps pods from contact with dirty surfaces. 



  • These banded earplugs are designed for wearing mode “under-the-chin” only.
  • Do not roll/compress plugs before fitting.
  • Please ensure that the earplugs are fitted, adjusted, and maintained in accordance with these instructions. If instructions are not followed, the protection and function may be severely impaired.
  • Check this hearing protector regularly for signs of wear. When needed for hygienic reasons or damage the ear plugs should be replaced.
  • Wear the ear plugs during the entire noise exposure.
  • When ear plugs are not in use, they should be kept in clean and dry condition.
  • This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Further information should be sought from the manufacturer.
  • Harmful noise levels may be induced if the headband is struck.