Way Recovery Self-Retracting Lifeline

Brand: Malta Dynamics
Model #: R0003
Standards: Conforms to ANSI Z359.14-2012 SRL-R

Price : $1,499.99


The Malta Dynamics 100' 3-Way Recovery SRL is built to blend functionality and affordability. Easy to handle, adjust, and install, it is both durable and dependable. With a quick-activating retrieval mechanism for emergency evacuation, you can expect superior performance and 100% reliability from the Malta Dynamics Rescue line of SRLs. This Block allows the fall to arrest and also allows easy hoisting of the victim with the help of its inbuilt winch mechanism.


  • Conforms to ANSI Z359.14-2012 SRL-R
  • ANSI Capacity Range: 130-310 lbs.
  • Superior Durability
  • Lifeline Material: Galvanized Steel
  • The locking pin on the side of the casing at the base of the handle allows this dual system to work in independent Fall Arrest & Winch modes.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength > 3000lbs.
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Retractable mode enables easy movement of the user in a Confined Space. Also provides Fall Protection.
  • Winch mode enables easy retrieval.
  • Come with Snap Hook with Impact Indicator
  • Velcro was added to the handle of the Block for safe transportation by keeping the handle in place.
  • The Handle is deployed only when Winch functionality is activated.
  • For overhead use only