Fall Protection Harness Inspection TagFall Protection Harness Inspection Tag

Fall Protection Harness Inspection Tag




Nylon zip tie Inspection tags are ideal for color-coding safety equipment, meeting OSHA/ANSI inspection criteria. Sold in bundles of 100, per color.




  • Approx: 150 mm Height, 25 mm Width, and 3 mm depth.   
  • manufactured using premium nylon
  • Impact-resistant design
  • Heat and UV resistance
  • Ideal for periodic inspections
  • Packets of 100
  • Conforms to ISO 9001 Standard
Flexra - Scaffold Knuckle GloveFlexra - Scaffold Knuckle Glove

Flexra - Scaffold Knuckle Glove

$14.58 $15.66



Heavy-Duty Impact Glove, designed for scaffolding builders. Equipped with  Front Side Synthetic Leather, Grippy Back Side Black 4 Way Fabric, Inject Stitched and Closing Velcro wrist.




  • Maximum Dexterity & Comfort
  • Extremely Breathable Material
  • Impact Absorption - Fingers & Knuckles
MaxiDry® Zero™ - Seamless Knit ATG Nylon Glove with Thermal Lining

MaxiDry® Zero™ - Seamless Knit ATG Nylon Glove with Thermal Lining

$10.99 $13.65



The MaxiDry® Zero™ integrates the core values of the MaxiDry® brand to bring comfort and liquid repellence together and combine them with our THERMtech® technology platform. This technology offers thermal resistance up to -10°C/14°F inside the glove under high activity with a coating designed to remain flexible for temperature up to -30°C / -22°F.




  • Seamless construction offers increased comfort and breathability
  • MicroFoam Nitrile coatings are compatible with light oils and will provide a good grip and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Knit Wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Liquid Repellence - Keep moisture away from your skin to ensure your hand remains warm. This technology also works to avoid wind chill for those working outdoors
  • High Thermal Insulation Properties - Without sacrificing flexibility, dexterity, weight, and comfort
  • Super Soft and Super Flexible Coating - Providing ultimate flexibility even in extremely cold environments
  • Optimized Grip - delivered through the ultra-soft coating to ensure maximum flex and contact with the things you handle
  • Connected With Care - Insulation liner is bonded away from the flex and movement points of your hands i.e. knuckles, to ensure ultimate comfort
  • All ingredients used in the manufacturing and construction of this product are compliant with the REACH legislation
  • This glove has been laundered prior to final packaging making it clean and safe for use
  • The Oeko-Tex® Association has evaluated and certified this product as skin safe from the second it comes into contact with the skin
  • The Skin Health Alliance has awarded professional dermatological accreditation following a review of the scientific dossier behind this product
  • Silicone free
  • Complies with FDA food handling requirements 21 CFR, Part 177.


EVO® VISTAshield™ - Vented PrintEVO® VISTAshield™ - Vented Print

EVO® VISTAshield™ - Vented Print

$69.99 $77.75



JSP® EVO® VISTAshield™ next-generation industrial safety helmet offers premium comfort and features integrated ANSI Z87.1 Faceshield coated for scratch and fog resistance offering an unobstructed panoramic view with minimal distortion. The fully adjustable face shield is easy to retract and deploy and pivots smoothly allowing the wearer to adjust the position and for maximum coverage and protection. 6-Point polyester textile suspension with Revolution™ Wheel Ratchet is easy to use and creates a firm comfortable fit. Excellent for applications that require protection from falling debris and low-hanging objects in industrial and construction applications.




  • Fully retractable integrated eye protector. ANSI Z87+ Impact Resistant
  • Pivot arms allow VISTAShield to be retracted and deployed seamlessly
  • 6-Point polyester textile suspension system offers unrivaled comfort without compromising performance
  • Revolution™ Wheel Ratchet is easy to use and creates a firm comfortable fit
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Type I, Class C requirements
  • Universal accessory slots accept virtually any competitors' accessories
  • Chamlon™ sweatband
  • Universal accessory slots accept virtually any competitors' accessories
  • WARNING: Reproductive Harm -