DoorFix Mobile Anchor

Brand: Malta Dynamics
Model #: EC9002

Price : $699.99



The DoorFix is a mobile anchor point and offers a smart and mobile solution at places where openings and the risk of falling from height are present. The mobile anchor point DoorFix is adjustable and easy to clamp in the opening or between the door frames, using a rotatable foot. The DoorFix features two shackle points and is certified as fall protection for two (2) people. The two stainless steel anchor points can be replaced between the holes, so the DoorFix can also be used in the case of a small opening up to 13.8”. Maximum distance of 50”.


  • Weight 20 lbs, material STAINLESS STEEL
  • A minimum distance of 13.8”
  • Maximum distance 50”
  • Suitable for two persons
  • Long life due to the use of sustainable materials
  • Easy to install between openings and door frames