Man Horizontal Lifeline Kit with Kernmantle Rope

Brand: Malta Dynamics
Model #: HLL3001

Price : $779.99



The Malta Dynamics’ Horizontal Lifeline Bag provides you and your workers with high-quality fall protection tools and resources that are portable and durable. This lifeline kit provides fall protection for up to four users at a time and includes a 100-foot synthetic rope, a highly corrosion-resistant tensioner, 4 steel O-rings, 2 self-locking carabiners, a tensioning wrench, 2 6-foot cross arm straps, and a high-strength, double-braided hi vis green rope. The horizontal lifeline bag features a minimum breaking strength of 5,620 lbs. and equipment made from stainless steel and aluminum. 


● Requires No Special Tools
● Product Weight: 22.9 lbs.
● Can Be Installed and Removed in Minutes
● Spans 15 to 100 Feet
● Minimum Breaking Strength of 5,620 lbs.
● 10"L x 17"W x 12"H
● 5/8th Diameter Kermantle Rope